You want to try my Javascript challenge, eh?

You can try.

There are some levels group - the simplest can teach you the basics of JavaScript.
The hardest can be solved only after deep thinking.

In all challenges you controls the robot - a "☺" character. You'll like that guy, I guarantee it.

In each level you need to navigate robot to the finish cell. It marked by "f" sign.
When robot walks, you can see a "_" symbol. It is a mark for robot's starting place, nothing else.
"#" sign is a wall, robot can't walk through it.

If you want to proud of a beating all challenges, play fairly.

If you found any bugs, please, write them to https://github.com/Ahineya/jsrobot/issues

Github repository here

There is no advertising for the great justice. But if you want, you can make a donation to webmoney Z357090687121

Available robot functions:

Moving functions moves the robot in specified direction. There are this functions and shortcuts:
If robot can't move in specified direction then this functions returns false, otherwise they returns true.

Recognizing function:
If the symbol specified it returns true if robot stands on specified symbol, otherwise returns false.
If the symbol isn't specified it returns symbol that robot stands when calling this function.


for (var i = 0; i<=20 ; i++) {

            /*write your code here*/

        if (R.finished()) {